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On-Chain Penny Auction Style Platform

Innovative Bidding

Users can bid on bluechip projects, highly sought-after NFTs, whitelist spots, SOL, and bid packs using on-chain Solana. NFT Holders will also be able to use their SPL token $BID for auctions.

On-chain technology with Solana

Degen Bid is taking the penny auction model and applying it to the world of on-chain Solana technology, creating a new & innovative way for NFT enthusiasts to win big!

Bid on the live NFT Auctions

The auctions on Degen Bid are fast-paced and exciting, with a 10 to 20 second countdown timer that keeps participants on their toes and adds an extra element of tension and drama to the bidding process.

Receive your NFTs and Rackbacks

All transactions are secure, transparent, and fast, allowing users to bid on items with ease and confidence & receive their won NFTs. Place just 1 bid or automatically place any number of bids to hold your place.

50 +

NFTs will be auctioned first week

4500 +

Colorful Degen Bid NFT Collection

4.5 Sol

Official Mint price

Degen Bid NFTs

Our NFT collection is made up of 4500 colorful chameleons with several degen traits, providing a unique and engaging visual experience for users.

About Degen Bid Platform

NFT Bidding

Solana NFT Bid Auctions

Degen Bid is an innovative NFT project that's taking the world of penny auctions by storm. With our cutting-edge platform, users can bid on bluechip projects, highly sought-after NFTs, whitelist spots, SOL, and bid packs using on-chain currency like Solana.

Penny Auction Style Solana On-Chain bidding

More then just a Penny Auction site!

Degen Bid is more than just a penny auction platform. We're a community of degens who love taking risks and pushing boundaries to create something truly special. Join us today and see what you can win with your Degen Bid NFTs!

Cutting-edge penny auction platform

Solana On-Chain bidding

Degen Bid's Roadmap

Outline of the Degen Bid project phases

Phase 01a

Conceptualize and Design

  • Concept & design of Degen Bid's platform
  • Design & backend admin functions and the collection of 4500 Chameleons
  • Launch the Degen Bid SPL Token for Bid Packs
Phase 01b

Conceptualize and Design

  • Finalize pricing details for bid packs, NFTs, and financial plans
Phase 02A

Presales, Minting, and Building

  • Create awareness of Degen Bid's plans & build the core team
  • Hold presales at 3 SOL & use funds to begin platform development
  • Allocate a Whitelist Mint at 3.5 SOL
Phase 02B

Presales, Minting, and Building

  • Purchase NFTs for use on the Degen Bid platform
  • Hold a public mint at 4 SOL & begin marketing
Phase 03A

Beta Launch and Process Building

  • Launch the NFT mint & airdrop presales
  • Launch a staking platform on
  • Officially launch the beta version of the DegenBid penny auction platform on 7/1/23
Phase 03B

Beta Launch and Process Building

  • Focus on building daily processes for smooth operation & innovation
Phase 04

Official Launch - Expected 8/1/23

  • Load the platform with daily auctions of NFTs, SOL, Bid Packs, and WL Tokens for projects
  • Increase the marketing budget and focus on user acquisition
  • Continuously monitor the ecosystem's performance and make scheduled improvements
Phase 05

Adaptation, Improvements & Growth

Quality comes first. we took our time to plan out everything and build our production pipeline for a good quality artworks.

  • Add new crypto networks, build partnerships, and bring additional utility to the platform
  • Continuously adapt to user feedback and market trends to ensure the continued growth and success of the platform.

Meet the team


Co-Founder & Head of Design


Co-Founder & Head of Development


Artist / Branding


Web Development


Techie / Blockchain

Asked Questions

Our NFT collection is made up of 4500 colorful chameleons with several degen traits, providing a unique and engaging visual experience for users. Each NFT provides a range of benefits for the holder, including discounts on bid packs, rakeback on bids, profit sharing, staking rewards, and access to holder-only auctions.

We're excited to offer pre-sales exclusively to members of this Discord and other strong communities, with pre-sale prices of just 4 SOL. This is your chance to secure your place in the Degen Bid community and get in on the action early.

As an NFT holder with Degen Bid, you'll enjoy a range of benefits that make it even more exciting to participate in our platform. You'll receive discounts on bid packs, earn back 10% of the bids you place on auctions you don't win, and receive a whopping 50% of the profits made by the house.

After mint the Degen Bid NFTs will be available to trade on the biggest platfroms like MagicEden, Hyperspace, and more.

Bid Rakeback is an innovative feature that sets Degen Bid apart from other penny auction sites. With Bid Rakeback, users have the opportunity to receive a percentage of their bids back even if they don't win the auction. This unique feature is made possible by the fact that Degen Bid's transactions are happening on-chain, using the Solana blockchain.

Limited Time Only

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